Collection No. 1 is concise, with just eleven tops featured. Each style is completely unique, yet subtly references the others – a process more similar to creating a piece of art than a typical garment.


Collection No. 2 introduces ten very special dresses. With dramatic silhouettes and detailed embellishments, these pieces work as well for casual events as they do for dressy occasions.


Collection No. 3 draws inspiration from the concept of duality versus dichotomy. The collection studies the following elements: light and shadow, transparency and opacity, fragility and strength, restraint and indulgence, order and anarchy, conformity and rebellion, innocence and wickedness.

It questions— Is it possible for these elements to coexist in the same garment, the same collection, or even the same person?

Entertainers are a secondary source of inspiration for the collection, borrowing visual language from the world of dance, 19th century French clowns, and rodeo stars of the past.


Collection No. 4 examines the mythology of the frontier as seen through the lens of the 20th century, pondering — what is reality and what is merely lore? Can nostalgia be more important than what actually happened?

Our first story — crafted entirely of Italian cottons in vibrant pink and cherry red — takes inspiration from the grit of the Spaghetti Western pioneer, along with the glamour of the mid-century tourist. It incorporates detailing of silver ore and Vaquero broderie, and features bows, ruffles, and square dancing tiers that wouldn’t seem out of place riding a horse over the prairie or a Vespa through Brooklyn.

Our second story concerns revenge and retribution — a black and white capsule with jailbird stripes. The man in black challenges the man in white. We look to the surreal lawlessness of the frontier and the misfits that occupied it as muses for our fourth collection.


Collection No. 5 sets the scene. A girl is alone in a nearly empty Brooklyn apartment. It is unclear if she is coming or going. 
Through the course of a day, she mixes and matches each piece of our collection with an off-kilter innocence; using her rash guard as an underpinning, and wearing a blouse, reversed as a jacket. Snapshots and polaroids capture the unfiltered individuality of these moments. 
We look back in order to look forward. We see one era through the lens of another — considering where inspiration comes from, both then and now. A nineties feeling Hawaiian print has its roots in the thirties, kaleidoscopic-color clashes with oversized haute couture florals, Victorian lace insets on highlighter tinged leopard add a thoughtful touch that harkens back to pre-digital times. 
We begin again.