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Ivy Kirk


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The practical romantic

Demi-couture clothing made to order in New York City

Sustainability starts with owning only the things that you love.

Introducing collection 9

Last season, I was presenting my collection to a
stylist on the final day of my showroom in Paris.
In that moment, I had the realization that circles
were a recurrent element in all of my previous

I began to notice circles everywhere... in my ownwork and randomly going about daily life —

an embroidered edge running around a ruffled hem,
eyelets in organdy, a skirt silhouette cut in the
shape of circle, a spiraling fabric rose, the loop
of a bow, the “o” in the “Prospect Park” subway
sign, a manhole cover, the detail on the facade of
a Brooklyn row house, the studs on a stranger’s
handbag, the center of a flower...

I like that circles are continuous and unending,
yet also complete — are used to select and separate
what’s important, are encompassing, and mimic the
curves of the body.

This collection celebrates the looping nature and
simplicity of circles.


We believe that better clothing results in less waste. Our collection is made in small quantities and to order in NYC with the best materials in the world. We hope you will treasure your Ivy Kirk pieces for years to come.